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Image by Meiying Ng
Pillars of Wellness & Wellbeing
Community Interest Company

Welcome to the Pillars of Wellness & Wellbeing website!

We are a local CIC whose aim is to bring practical wellbeing solutions to the local community through events, classes and workshops. We want to keep these free or as low cost as we can so that they are accessible to all.

When it comes to wellness and wellbeing, there are a number of things which can bring about positive benefits. Changing one element is the best way to start, but if that doesn't work straight away, it can be easy to give up. In an era of instant gratification, iit has come to be expected that things work quickly. Continuity and self-discipline is key. It is a cumulative effect.


There are numerous key pillars of wellness and wellbeing which all work synergistically to bring you into a place of balance and healing, but we need a place to start. Finding something that works for you, to start the process of forming good habits, can put you in a better head space and help you form more good habits.

We live in the information age - most of us have daily access to the internet, but with so much information out there, it can be difficult to know who and what to trust. We hope to become a trusted resource for people looking to take the positive steps towards better wellness and wellbeing. We want to encourage people to take responsibility for  looking after their health. By taking steps to look after yourself while you are able, you can prevent the need for drastic interventions later. We can't stop the stresses in our lives, but we can change how our bodies respond.

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