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Our Work & Testimonials

Since incorporating in 2022, PoWW has been involved in a number of projects, including working with the University of Plymouth, Plymouth Octopus Project (POP) and Sovereign Housing (SNG).


Working Mums Wellbeing Workshops with Plymouth University

 "I've change so much since the sessions I can't say how much I needed it right at that moment. I'd totally given up on myself and given in to family pressures. People kept telling me I needed to find some me time. But I  didn't have the energy or will to find it b4 the sessions. I think it was really important it was 4 sessions over 4 weeks to start setting the new habits" ~G

Working Mums Wellbeing Workshops with Plymouth University

 "After every session I left feeling a hundred times lighter, but also left with another tool or reminder to help balance out the everyday pressures; positive thinking, understanding how to build a healthy habit, some simple resetting breathing and a reminder to try yoga are some examples. Since being involved in the sessions I have been a lot kinder and more positive to myself. As a result of taking the time to recharge I am feeling a lot more patient and resilient - this is beneficial for me and my wider family!" ~H

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Suicide Prevention Fund Collaboration with MAC and Plymouth University

This project was funded by POP's suicide prevention fund and was a collaboration between us and the Mindful Art Club. Two events were held, one at Plymouth University and the other at Devonport Guildhall. At the University event, we had stallholders from the VSCE and wellbeing sectors, talks from experts and taster workshops, including a sound bath, creative art, yoga and meditation.

Suicide Prevention Fund Collaboration with MAC

This was the second event with MAC, held at Devonport Guildhall. This was a retreat-style day of practical activities and talks, including a combined movement, breathwork and sound bath. We also had a yoga session, a Qi gong session and a meditation session. The idea was to bring the different practices to a one day event, so people could try them for free and see what works best for them.


"This was the first wellness event of any kind that I have attended. I have had a lot going on in my life recently and have felt an enormous amount of stress, after I left the event I felt a lot happier and more at peace & by carrying on with some of the stuff we were taught I’ve carried this feeling on. I also love how accessible this event was!!! Amazing job" ~S


Sovereign Housing (SNG) Working Mums Retreats

This project was funded SNG and we ran two half day retreats for working mums. "This session was invaluable to the community as it has not just impacted the mothers who needed it, but it will have a knock on effect to their children, partners and anyone else who they come into contact with. This session felt like preventative care regarding physical and mental health. Which could save the NHS time and money, by teaching people how to take care of oneself. By offering this for FREE it also includes a significant amount of people who would otherwise not be able to access to this, who possibly need this type of help the most."

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